To turn a nightmare into a source of hilarity, just add Joey.

Both my boys are so clever (said the unbiased mother.) They are frequently making little comments that crack me up. Yesterday was no exception.

Joey is a 16-year-old fly-under-the-radar kind of guy. I’m guessing his favorite super-power would be invisibility. Expressing emotion to Joey means making direct eye contact. If Joey responds to a question with more than a one-word answer, he’s being “chatty.”

So, when Joey speaks, I listen.

I have this recurring “nightmare” in my house. It is, what some may call, an Arizona Room. A previous owner decided to enclose the back patio and turn it into something like a family room plus a small bedroom. Of course, there is no central heating or cooling, so there are very few weeks in the year that either room is comfortable. I poured a cement slab out back then tried to attach a patio cover, but it was suggested to me that the room isn’t up to code…the support beam isn’t big enough. The floor slopes away from the rest of the house because they used the existing patio slab as the base floor.

However, I do like having the extra room.

I have fixed it up little-by-little, over the past few years (before I suspected the code issue.) I started with putting on a new roof then moved on to inside aesthetics. One indoor improvement I made was to hang a curtain rod and curtain on the sliding glass door. It really dressed up the room…until it rained. Every time it rained, the curtain rod fell down. I finally realized the roof was leaking and the drywall was getting wet under the paint. It took 6 months to get the roofing company back out to repair their work. I rehung the curtain. Then it rained again. The curtain rod fell down again. Sigh.

In a desperate effort to keep the door covered through the hot and cold weather, I set a 6′ bookshelf in front of the door, and I balance the curtain rod on top. I continue to call the roofing company to fix the leak and patch the ruined drywall, but nearly a year later, I’m still using a bookshelf to hold up the curtain rod.

Yesterday, I finally got the bright idea to hang the curtain rod again. I figured I could at least have it looking decent while it’s not raining. I recruited Joey to screw in the bracket. He tightened the screws down, but the bracket wouldn’t tighten down. The drywall is too damaged to even hold a small piece of metal.

Totally disappointed and frustrated at the roofing company who, after nearly a year, hasn’t corrected the problems, and the other possibly unresolvable issues with the room, I resigned myself to having a permanent bookshelf in front of the sliding glass door.

Joey removed the dangling bracket from the wall. Then, matching my contempt for the poor construction, and in his most deadpan voice, he announced, “This room is made of mud and sticks…only there are no sticks.”

Thanks to Joey, now I laugh at the nightmare. 🙂