Well, John. I tried. I went on my second date. Ok, ok. I went to my follow-up appointment with the back doctor. He doesn’t want to see me again. 😦 It was an amiable parting, though.

However, the outcome is the same: No one requesting my presence. No physical contact. No prospects.

Unless someone else slams into my car on the freeway, I suppose there is no chance to rekindle our relationship. It’s probably time to move on. Perhaps a pipe will burst in my house, and I’ll meet a nice plumber. Or my kitchen will catch on fire, and I’ll meet a compassionate fireman. I could try speeding in hopes of meeting someone in law enforcement. I could take my cat to the vet, my car to the mechanic, or my son to the pediatrician.

Or, perhaps, I could return to my wonderfully boring, single life! That seems safest. 🙂