I can’t put into words how blessed I feel by the children God has placed in my life. My boys have such a fantastic sense of humor with precision delivery. Joey says something that cracks me up just about every day. Probably the only days he doesn’t make me laugh would be the days I don’t see him. And even then, he might send me a text message that makes snot fly out of my nose.

This morning I was driving Joey to school. We live in a metropolitan area. Paved streets lined with sidewalks, carefully planned landscaping, tract housing where you have to know the house number to find your own house, complex system of electrical wires overhead, and bumper-to-bumper traffic full of single-occupant vehicles. It is rare to see pedestrians as everyone in our part of the city owns 1.3 vehicles per family member. It is also rare to see dirt. Although we live in the desert, the landscape engineers have meticulously camouflaged anything that resembles dirt with colored rock, palm trees, and bougainvillea.

So, as I said, I was driving Joey to school. His school is situated in a neighborhood with horse property. Strangely, amidst the cars, sidewalks, and landscaping, we sometimes see a horse walking along the sidewalk next to the bustling motorists. Today, as I sat at a red light preparing to turn right, I didn’t see a horse, but I saw “evidence” of a horse.

The sidewalk next to us was liberally peppered with horse droppings. Knowing Joey could appreciate this, I pointed it out to him.

In his typical deadpan delivery, he began peppering me with hilarity. As usual, the lack of oxygen to my brain from laughing so hard caused me to forget much of what he said. But the one line that stuck with me was, “Elephant crossing. Look out for road pumpkins.”

Today he is feeling a little under the weather. He stayed home sick yesterday, but went to school today. When I picked him up from school he immediately told me he should have stayed home another day. He wasn’t feeling well at all.

So we worked out the plans for the evening. We all had previously been invited to dinner tonight by some friends. Joey and I decided he would stay home from the dinner, heat up left-overs, and do his homework. Joey also tacked on, “And feel sorry for myself.” 🙂

I texted him while we were out to see how he was doing. His reply, “I’m done with homework and dinner and working on feeling sorry for myself.”

The saying is, Laughter is the best medicine. No wonder I’m never sick!