My son, Joey, has a recent edition of the Guinness Book of World Records. One section is devoted to the most expensive things. For example, there is a bed worth $3,000,000. Why so expensive? It’s made out of diamonds!!! Man!! Talk about pressure to make your bed every day! There is a $113,000 men’s suit. Does that go to the dry cleaners or do you have to hire someone to come to your home to clean it? And, what occasion calls for a hundred-grand suit? There is a sculpture that sold at auction for $104,300,000. It’s a 6-foot tall figure of a man walking. It’s black in color and the body is little more than a stick figure. If you’re feeling a little too stressed out from having an excess of money on your hands, you could get a $7,560 spa package. In this package they don’t just use hot rocks to soothe your back muscles, they use DIAMONDS. The item that is ALMOST within my reach (and the most appealing) is a chocolate bar worth $1,441. Well, the chocolate bar is worth 85-cents but the gold leaf inlay drives the cost up.

If a person has so much money that they’re looking for the most ridiculous ways to spend it, perhaps they could consider donating to one or some of the very worthy charities operating in our country. There are many food banks that thrive on donations. Goodwill provides a variety of useful programs in the local communities. A person can find the charity of their choosing if they do the research. 

If these spending maniacs love art so much they are willing to spend a hundred million dollars, maybe supporting art programs in the public schools would be up their alley. I bet they could get some FREE, original artwork that way. If they’re overly stressed, they could try volunteering at a local nonprofit. That has a way of making a person feel better all over.

I do have to hand it to one of the record-holders in the Guinness Book…a wall calendar sold for $30,000. The money spent on the calendar was a donation to a missing person charity. Now that’s the way to spend excess money!

What would you rather own, a $30,000 calendar that assisted an organization in searching for missing loved ones? Or a diamond bed? You do, of course, realize: to display your calendar all you have to do is put a small nail in the wall. To display the $3M bed, the front door needs to open to your bedroom!