Thanks, Melanie, for introducing me to blogs!! It’s all new to me, but I’m looking forward to catching on.

Here is my personal rant for the day: sitcoms

Don’t get me wrong…I LOOOOOVE sitcoms. I’ve seen every episode of Seinfeld. Frasier totally cracks me up. I was faithful to Friends every Thursday night…until my sons were old enough to notice we had a TV. That’s when the blinders fell off and I noticed the sexual innuendo packed into every episode. I grew up on The Brady Bunch then was lulled into the world of casual sex humor.

What happened to Lucy Ricardo pitching Vitameatavegamin? Or Rob Petrie with a stiff back on his way to Lake Sissy Manoonoo? How about Dr. Robert Hartley attending the High IQ Club dinner and dance as Emily’s guest?  

I miss those clever situations! I love to laugh at sillyness…it runs in my family.